Moving Abroad with Kids

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Moving Abroad with Kids

Moving abroad is probably one of the most exciting and simultaneously nerve breaking things we can do in life. Having kids certainly adds up to the stress and might even prone families to give up moving.

While there are many more things to consider when moving with kids (school application, different language, health care system and insurances..) there are certainly many benefits of moving abroad for kids and even some unexpected advantages for parents. 

Benefits of living abroad for kids:

  • International friends
  • New experiences
  • Culture exposure
  • Learning a new language
  • Developing social skills and resilience

In general kids adapt faster than adults, and the natural way they adjust to new cultures and a new reality actually inspires adults. 

When you move with kids, you end up speaking with teachers, other parents and being invited to playdates, birthday parties, etc. The isolation, so well documented as one of the downsides of expatriation actually becomes less of a problem when you have kids. 

Here are 3 unexpected advantages of moving abroad with kids:

  • Easier to establish routines
  • Easier to meet people and socialize
  • New places and new adventures as a family

If you are worried about moving as a family, here are some tips to manage your kids´ emotions: 

  • Involve them in the process from the beginning
  • Let them participate and make decisions: (what to bring with them, what to pack)
  • Check together activities you can do as a family in the new place
  • Join a community of expats and talk with their new teachers for support
  • Maintain a close contact with family
  • Keep the traditions and routines you used to have
  • Listen to their thoughts and worries

If you would like to move abroad with kids and don’t know where to start or if you are worried about your kids’ adaptation please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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